Sign my petition or risk witnessing the demise of the private rented sector, says leading property investment mentor and landlord Ranjan Bhattacharya, who’s defended his petition to allow landlords to evict tenants who are 14 days in arrears.

Bhattacharya believes critics have got the wrong end of the stick and explains: “I’m not advocating that after 14 days a tenant is automatically turfed out of their home, but that after 14 days of arrears the landlord has the right to instigate court proceedings.”

In his latest YouTube video, he says most people only take the situation seriously in the days before a deadline.

“It’s instigation of proceedings that often makes people take their head out of the sand and address the problem. It’s surprising how many disputes get resolved after you’ve made your intent and seriousness known.”

Under the current system, landlords are screening out tenants who aren’t ‘A1’ because they can’t afford to take a punt on a tenant who could fall into rent arrears, says Bhattacharya.

He reckons that lenders will also leave the market or insist on lower loan to value mortgages, putting more burden on landlords, if they continue to be faced with non-paying tenants and have no way of getting them out.

While many landlords have backed his call – the petition now has more than 6,000 signatures (it needs 100,000 signatures to be formally debated by Parliament) – others on social media insist he is simply fuelling anti-landlord rhetoric.

But he insists: “You will never be able to do anything to appease people who are ideologically opposed to your very existence.”

Adds Bhattacharya: “We’ve been pushed around by Government for too long – we need to show as landlords we have a voice.”

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